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Lower prices, more data with new NBN wholesale discount plans
NBN Co, the operator of the National Broadband Network, has announced a range of new wholesale bundles offering lower prices and more data inclusions, following an extensive industry consultation process.

Germany snubs US over Huawei 5G ban
Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies will not be excluded from the rollout of 5G in Germany, with the government stating on Monday that no company would be banned.

NBN Co proposes discounts to broadband network wholesale prices

Knowing their NBN speed brings satisfaction to consumers
Consumers who know what their NBN plan’s ‘typical evening speed’ should be are more satisfied with their provider (78%) than those who do not know (68.1%) according to a new research report.

Vocus Group to operate as three independent business units
Australia's fourth largest telecommunications company, the Vocus Group, has announced that it will be simplifying its business into three independent business units.

NBN Co set to issue wholesale pricing review paper
Australian national broadband provider NBN Co is set to issue a wholesale pricing review to a number of telecommunications providers on Thursday in a bid to quell disquiet in the industry.

Huawei founder says US bans will cost company US$25B

China tells Australia that 5G ban may breach WTO rules
China has told Australia that its restrictions on 5G technology are discriminatory and likely to have broken global trade rules drafted by the World Trade Organisation.

NBN Co prices affecting plan affordability, says ACCC chief

NBN Co prices affecting plan affordability, says ACCC chief


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