Michael Cosgrave

Graeme Samuel AC

The diverse Australian community, distributed across the urban, regional and rural parts of the country in residential, business and industrial locations needs a highly reliable, high capacity communications infrastructure which is able to deliver a wide range of information services at reasonable and competitive prices. Existing infrastructure will need enhancement as the capability of communications technologies and applications and services evolve.
An infrastructure ownership, financial and management structure which will enable this essential ongoing development to take place and deliver increasing capability to end users is crucial to ensure all Australians are able to participate effectively in the ever-developing information economy. The corporate structure needs to equally serve national, business and individual economic and social policy requirements by delivering cost-effective outcomes.

This policy forum aims to stimulate national debate by outlining key options for the future of the NBN.


Peter Gerrand
Jim Holmes
Graeme Samuel AC
Michael Cosgrave


Wed, 31 Jul 2019 - 12:15pm AEST


Melbourne, VIC
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