Beverley Head interviews Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb AC

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Which Victorian scientist/engineer invented a form of television before John Logie Baird was born? And why have you never heard of him? He also invented sixteen different telephones which he installed around Ballarat before the GPO started and which were much admired by Alexander Graham Bell personally. Listen to the fascinating tale and why it is relevant to innovation today from our inaugural Henry Sutton orator:
Robyn Williams of the ABC Science Show.

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This article reviews ‘The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking public vs. private sector myths’ by Mariana Mazzucato

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“What technological innovations are expected in the next decade and what differences do they promise for our lives?”

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The Pearcey Oration is presented each year by an eminent Australian reflecting on critical contemporary issues impacting our nation that are driven by the introduction of advanced technologies into our society.

This year the Pearcey Foundation is delighted that Dr Amanda Caples, Lead Scientist to the Victorian Government has accepted our invitation to present this year’s Pearcey Oration, on 6 September as part of the Digital Innovation Festival.

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