NBN Value

Kathrine Dyer

The NBN has changed many times in complexity and composition, but it is now running at high speed and set for completion in the next two years. What does it take to get this mammoth task done?

Kathrine Dyer, Chief Network Deployment Officer at NBN


Thu, 08 Nov 2018 - 12:00pm AEDT


Sydney, NSW

The best way to minimise the value of the NBN is to jerk it around and change direction; the next best way is to build it to a reduced specification. A 93% fibre network is worth a lot more than a network with 60% FTTN, both to a potential purchaser AND to an ongoing owner. The real economic promise of the NBN is the ubiquity of a single, uniform solution.

Oh for a politician with a little vision to see the possibilities!
(... and the gumption to leave the design and build to qualified and visionary engineers)

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