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TPG pays $1.2b, Vodafone $286m for spectrum
TPG has paid a whopping $1.26 billion for two lots of 10MHz  in the 700MHz spectrum auction, with Vodafone also shelling out $286 million on buying up the previously unsold spectrum.

FttDP now slated for 1 million premises on NBN
The fibre to the distribution point (FttDP) footprint of the National Broadband Network is being extended to cover 1 million premises – up from 700,000 premises previously announced by NBN Co.

Announcing TelSoc's new webpage devoted to articles on Australia's national broadband network: the history, new critiques of the status quo, and visions for a better future.

TelSoc is holding a forum on telecommunications and security between 22-23 November at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne. Put the forum into your calendar now and start spreading the word to colleagues!

Tucker: Australia locked out of world class broadband

Tucker: Australia locked out of world class broadband

ACCC to monitor fixed-line NBN speeds
The Australian Government has announced a programme to provide consumers more information about the speeds they can expect when using fixed-line broadband connections on the national broadband network.

Telstra, Google join consortium to build Asia Pacific subsea cable system
A consortium of major tech players, including Telstra and Google, has joined forces to build a new international subsea cable system under an agreement with Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN).

NBN Co hiding poor technology from users, says expert

Exclusive: Quigley blames Turnbull for NBN mess
The man who led NBN Co from day one until he quit in July 2013 following a change of government lays the blame for the present mess largely at the feet of one man: the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.


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