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Regional wireless ISPs concerned 3.6GHz spectrum for 5G will wipe them out 
The ACMA’s tune-up consultation day for use of 3.6GHz spectrum for 5G sees telcos happy, but satellite operators and specifically regional wireless ISPs are very concerned.

In-flight Wi-Fi to dominate ‘half of commercial aircraft’ by 2022
Despite some government concerns over the safety of BYO laptops, tablets and phones on planes, Juniper forecasts a big jump in various commercial planes with net-connected Wi-Fi for customers.

Australian mobile users hit with $20 million in ‘unexpected’ charges

Fifield faces grilling over NBN users experience

CHOICE ISP satisfaction survey finds Telstra, Dodo the worst

Australia stuck with higher cost of deploying FttP: NBN Co

Fixed broadband costs push Australia back in digital readiness
The cost of fixed broadband is cited as the main reason why Australia has slipped two places to 18th on the World Economic Forum’s Networked Readiness Index. A total of 139 countries were surveyed.

Qantas Wi-Fi a success, expands to second aircraft
It's almost three months since Qantas switched on fast, free in-flight Wi-Fi. The carrier now has lots of insights into passenger adoption of the tech and has fitted the tech into a second plane.

ACCC to undertake wide-ranging study of telco sector
The competition regulator will undertake a market study to discover the exact state of the telecommunications sector, with the focus on the national broadband network and 5G technology.

Flying Doctor chief: NBN to bring 78% cost reduction


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