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Data retention to ‘fight terrorism’
The Government has announced controversial legislation mandating data retention for telecommunications companies. It is part of a $630 million boost to security agencies.

OPINION    ‘Independent’ review criticises NBN’s birth
The Scales report into the original development and planning process for the NBN was tabled yesterday. It is not kind to the former government or to the ACCC.

ANALYSIS     NewSat in disarray, blames everybody else
Australian satellite operator NewSat is not a happy place. Its shares are plummeting, three directors have resigned, and analysts are panning it. It wasn’t meant to be like this.

Turnbull defends ISP piracy plan – and says content owners need to lift their game
Communications Minister Malcom Turnbull has defended the Government’s plans to make ISPs police the actions of their customers.’

•    Government releases piracy discussion paper –to greatly differing responses
•    OPINION      When anti-piracy laws are anti-consumer laws

NBN Co and Ericsson extend wireless agreement to satellites
NBN Co and Ericsson Australia have signed a four-year contract to deliver fixed wireless and satellite services to regional and rural Australia.

Vodafone reallocates spectrum for big 4G push; Amcom signs ‘biggest’ Cisco deal with UoM; ACMA launches website for wireless mic users; SDN to ‘take over the data centre’; Nokia trials 4G for TV broadcasting; ANALYSIS One billion smartphones will ship this year.

A NBN will pick its own cherries from September
Rollout data from Telstra shows that NBN fibre to the basement services to some apartment buildings will begin as early as September.

CommsWire 28 July 2014

CommsWire 25 July 2014

Latest FAD consultation process begins
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released a discussion paper on pricing for the regulated fixed line services supplied using Telstra’s copper network.


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