CommsWire - 6 December 2017

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HFC network will need work to be fit for NBN: experts
Technical experts who have closely followed the rollout of the NBN say Telstra's HFC network will need considerable work done on it to meet the needs of NBN customers.

NBN Co will have to maintain HFC network no matter what
The NBN Co will have to continue maintaining the Telstra HFC cable network even if the condition of the cable network makes it impossible to be used for the national broadband network.

Telstra links capitals with transmission network upgrade
Telstra has completed the second of the upgrades of its transmission network by deploying high capacity next generation optical transport technology between five Australian cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

No iPhone X in October 2017 hurt iOS market share
Noting the lack of an iPhone X model in October hurting iOS market share on nearly a global basis, global mobile analyst Kantar also points to "Chinese challengers" being "squeezed out in home market."

T-Mobile, Ericsson exceed 1 Gbps with LAA demo
T-Mobile and Ericsson have claimed to be first in the world to demonstrate speeds exceeding 1 Gbps using 12-layer Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) technology.