CommsWire - 5 September 2019

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Telstra rolls disparate tech services into Purple
Telstra Purple, said to be Australia's largest technology services business, has been formed by combining Telstra Enterprise's business technology services with several companies that the communications giant has acquired.

Telstra and NBN Co team for SD-WAN customer success
Organisations need strategic partnerships for success, and "one of out most successful" is with NBN Co, said Telstra Purple ICT and security executive Paul Nicholls at the Telstra Vantage technology showcase in Melbourne today.

In 2030, the NBN build will still be incomplete
Going by the details in the recently released NBN Co corporate plan for 2020-23, one would not be surprised if work was still proceeding on the Australian national broadband network beyond 2030.

Fleet Space raises $10.8 million for new satellites, global expansion
Australian space startup Fleet Space Technologies has raised $10.8 million in new funding to support delivery of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to remote industries, powered by a global constellation of nanosatellites.

Former Breitbart editor Bannon to release anti-Huawei film this month
The American campaign against Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies will be stepped up a gear this month when former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon releases Claws of the Red Dragon, a film that takes aim at the Shenzhen-based firm.