CommsWire - 4 November 2019

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China flicks the switch to 5G
What will soon become the world’s largest 5G network has been turned on. China's three big mobile operators have launched their 5G networks across 50 cities in the vast nation. The services were officially approved on 6 June, but have been years in the planning. 

NBN satellite service heralds new focus on regions
NBN Co has launched a business- satellite service covering regional and remote areas. The service is intended to help meet the increasing needs of medium or large businesses, enterprise and government users in regional and remote areas, or businesses that have employees in hard to reach areas, according to the company.

‘Increased data’ from coastal satellite surveillance
Australian coastlines will come under scrutiny from satellites delivering more data and a picture of ‘hidden. maritime activity with the impending launch of new scouting satellites from space technology operator Kleos Space. 

Mobile blackspot program hits 750 base stations
A landmark 750 new or improved mobile base stations have now been completed as the Australian Government’s mobile blackspot program to improve mobile phone coverage in regional and rural Australia continues to be rolled out.