CommsWire - 2 December 2019

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1500 Australian jobs will go as result of govt 5G ban, warns Huawei
Huawei Australia intends to warn its network of local Australian suppliers that the coming year will be one of jobs carnage unless the Federal Government allows the Chinese telecommunications giant to play a part in the nation’s 5G rollout.

Kleos seals deal on maritime data security with unnamed nation state
Australian-listed space technology operator Kleos Space has reached an agreement to cooperate and collaborate with a sea bound nation state to enhance their maritime geospatial intelligence/analytics capability with data from its scouting mission satellites.

Optus cops $6.4 million penalty for misleading consumers over Internet disconnections
Optus has been hit with a $6.4 million fine by Australia’s competition regulator for making misleading claims about home Internet disconnections to consumers.

Australians watching on the move use 25% more NBN data
NBN Co says the amount of data consumed by the average customer has grown by 24.6% over the 12 months to June 2019 driven by increasingly mobile connected Australians viewing things online.