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Compliance breaches mar Telstra structural separation

Lack of trust in Internet privacy deters online shoppers
Internet users in many countries, including Australia, are increasingly concerned about their online privacy, and 49% say lack of trust is the main reason for not shopping online, according to a new global survey.

NBN rockets to new speed high in Gigabit wireless trial
NBN Co is cock-a-hoop over a speed trial in which the network hit speeds of 1.1Gbps downstream and 165mbps upstream in a recent fixed wireless demonstration in Ballarat attended by CommsWire.

Nano-satellites readied for launch
Australia-listed Sky and Space Global has successfully integrated its Three Diamonds nano-satellites into the launch pod of Innovative Space Logistics in the Netherlands.

Broadband education package released for consumers
Consumers now have access to an education package designed to help them better understand the factors that can influence the performance of their broadband service.

Telco positions escape 457 visa axing
Telecommunications jobs have largely been unaffected by the scrapping of the 457 visa skilled migration program announced this week by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Cormann rejects write-down advice on NBN from Slattery

TPG shows it want to play with the big boys
TPG is a contradiction in terms, especially when one considers other players in the Australian telco space: it is both low-key and also very ambitious.

TPG pays $1.2b, Vodafone $286m for spectrum
TPG has paid a whopping $1.26 billion for two lots of 10MHz  in the 700MHz spectrum auction, with Vodafone also shelling out $286 million on buying up the previously unsold spectrum.

FttDP now slated for 1 million premises on NBN
The fibre to the distribution point (FttDP) footprint of the National Broadband Network is being extended to cover 1 million premises – up from 700,000 premises previously announced by NBN Co.

Tucker: Australia locked out of world class broadband

Tucker: Australia locked out of world class broadband

ACCC to monitor fixed-line NBN speeds
The Australian Government has announced a programme to provide consumers more information about the speeds they can expect when using fixed-line broadband connections on the national broadband network.

Telstra, Google join consortium to build Asia Pacific subsea cable system
A consortium of major tech players, including Telstra and Google, has joined forces to build a new international subsea cable system under an agreement with Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN).

NBN Co hiding poor technology from users, says expert

Exclusive: Quigley blames Turnbull for NBN mess
The man who led NBN Co from day one until he quit in July 2013 following a change of government lays the blame for the present mess largely at the feet of one man: the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

NBN attracts new fixed broadband users, leads to ISP churn
The rollout of the national broadband network is convincing Australians to take up fixed broadband Internet connections for the first time and persuading others, who are already users, to switch providers.

Optus Satellite wins inflight wi-fi deal with Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia has announced that inflight connectivity provider Gogo and Optus Satellite have got the nod to provide inflight wi-fi on the airline’s domestic and international services.

NBN Co to boost regional broadband download speeds to 100 Mbps

NBN Co to boost regional broadband download speeds to 100 Mbps

Greater protections from unwanted telemarketing calls

ACCC rejects NBN special access undertaking variations

Optus ups the ante with new data-heavy mobile plans
Optus is keeping up the pressure in the data-hungry mobile phone environment with its latest release of a new premium mobile plan giving customers 100GB of data.

Revised telco industry codes to speed up broadband connections: ACMA
The telecommunications industry code that addresses a number of the sources of customer dissatisfaction with phone connection delays has been revised to now cover broadband services, including the NBN.

AT&T global network backs up Red Bull Formula One team