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Mobile phone operators under pressure to find new market opportunities

Which telco is preventing the introduction of virtual mobile numbers?
MNF's plan to introduce a virtual mobile number service has been stymied by the refusal of a certain carrier to maintain the 'any to any' connectivity that is a key feature of the phone system.

NBN Co to throw people at Sky Muster problems

Regional comms coalition to confront Canberra pollies head-on

Regional mobile coverage improving as blackspots steadily disappear
Mobile blackspots in rural and regional Australia are steadily being eliminated as Telstra, activates new mobile base stations in remote areas.

Telcos faces more broadband scrutiny from ACCC
ACCC chairman Rod Sims has served a warning to telecommunications companies that they face greater scrutiny, particularly in the area of advertised broadband speeds.

Telcos ahead of government but behind banks on service delivery
A new survey of consumers has rated telecoms companies fourth on a list of sectors that use technology effectively to deliver services.

Fifield slams Optus over muscular NBN switch tactics
Communications Minister Senator Mitch Fifield has told Optus that its muscular approach to getting its cable customers to move over to NBN connections is unacceptable.

IA has Morrow, NBN Co in sights over ‘derogatory’ attack
Laurie Patton, the recently departed chief executive of Internet Australia, wants a public apology from NBN Co chief Bill Morrow over what he says was an “unprovoked attack” on IA in Senate Estimates hearings.

Australia 51st globally for mobile and fixed internet speed
Australia now leads the Asia-Pacific region for average mobile internet speeds at 13.8Mbps. But it has a way to go with an average of 10.1Mbps for fixed broadband.

ACCC reports big jump in NBN complaints
There were 2775 complaints and inquiries about telecommunications services to the ACCC in the 2015-2016 financial year – a rise of 9% over the previous year - with complaints about the NBN up 145%.

Optus, Cisco collaborate on digital transformation & ’workplace of future’
Optus has announced a collaboration with Cisco which it says is aimed at accelerating digital transformation for Australian businesses and government organisations.

Most NBN users happy with service: Morrow
NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow has hit back at reports of rising numbers of dissatisfied NBN end users, claiming that most end users of the national broadband Network are happy with the service and that complaints are actually dropping.

Telstra follows up investment with VeloCloud strategic partnership

New rules aim to stop unwelcome calls to helplines
New rules have been introduced to allow telcos to suspend services to people who repeatedly make unwelcome calls — whether they are offensive, harassing or simply a nuisance — to helplines such as Lifeline.

Optus, Huawei partner on the way to 5G introduction
Optus and Huawei have teamed up to complete a successful infield test of Massive MIMO (128T128R) technology which they say helps pave the way for the introduction of 5G services in Australia.

NBN Co reveals suburbs that will get FttDP
NBN Co has revealed that about 700,000 homes will receive NBN services through fibre to the distribution point (FttDP), a technology that it calls fibre to the curb.

Telstra: LTE-Broadcast across Australia by 2018
Telstra and Ericsson have announced the upcoming deployment of LTE-B and continued investment for the national roll-out of LTE-B in 2017 and beyond.

Telstra, Ericsson testing IoT network across Australia
Telstra and Ericsson have used the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to announce several key programs supporting Telstra’s “Network of the Future” transformation program.

Vodafone grows customers to 5.5 million, but MTR rates cut spawns loss

Optus says launch of 4.5G network paves way for 5G mobile services

ISS shutdown looms for Australian bush
NBN Co has issued a warning for consumers in remote Australia to switch to the new Sky Muster satellite service or risk losing their Internet service as the ISS (interim satellite service) gets turned off next week.

Vodafone pushes Telstra into second place in Sydney
Telstra, Optus, Vodafone. That's the normal market share order for mobile service providers in most Australian capital cities. But Sydney is an exception: Vodafone is in the lead.

Big telcos favoured by new NBN CVC pricing
The largest players in the provision of the NBN broadband service look to be the main beneficiaries of the new wholesale pricing model announced by NBN Co on Friday.

Telstra half-yearly results show drops in profit, revenue
Telstra's half-yearly profits have dropped by 14.4% and its revenue has fallen by 3.6%, according to its results announcement on Thursday.