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Vodafone’s new ‘customer friendly’ plans challenge competitors
Seeking to strike a death blow to competitors while breathing new life into customer friendliness, service, choice, payment plans and value, Vodafone seeks true victory in the Game of Phones.

NBN Co doubles revenue to $1 billion as rollout passes halfway mark

NEXT undersea cable project to add 60Tbps capacity
The survey for laying the NEXT undersea cable project has been completed ahead of schedule and a request for proposal is underway, with vendor selection expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Telstra continues to dominate NBN market
Telstra continues to dominate the take-up of NBN connections with an overall share of a little more than 50%, according to the ACCC's latest quarterly report on the NBN wholesale market.

Telcos willing to pay more for 5G: Gartner survey
The telecommunications industry is prepared to pay more for 5G mobile capabilities than they are willing to pay for 4G, according to a newly published global survey.

ECONOMUSE: Price rebalancing to make the NBN affordable

Wireless VR 650% growth massively straining data networks
Said to be equivalent to 3 billion hours of 4K video streaming, wireless VR via smartphone-based and standalone headsets will leave data networks strained, generating 21,000 petabytes of traffic by 2021!

NBN: Making telcos buy more of little use, say experts

Telstra launches Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2017: we’re doing more online
The latest Australian Digital Inclusion Index has launched, powered by Roy Morgan, RMIT and Swinburne’s CSI, and our digital inclusion score has improved.

ACMA inquiry likely to be a waste of time
COMMENT: Will the inquiry that the Australian Communications and Media Authority has been asked to carry out into the malfunctioning NBN end up doing any good?

Get ready for upcoming mobile broadband, 4G, 5G spectrum auction: ACMA

Vodafone incurs losses but invests $2 billion to boost mobile network

Vodafone gateway goes beyond NBN frontier with 4G backup
Just like Telstra offered with its hybrid NBN 4G modem in February, so too Vodafone has announced that it is going beyond the final NBN frontier with a 4G backup plan.

ECONOMUSE: The blame game - cutting the gordian knot
Vodafone Hutchison Australia’s solution does not cut it.

Cloud gives Ethernet switch market a hammering
The business market for Ethernet switches appears to be feeling the effect of cloud computing, with sales in the first quarter of 2017 falling 21% year-on-year and 12% quarter-on-quarter, data from research firm IDC shows.

Australians want 1Gbps plus Internet speeds says research
Newly commissioned research has found that three in four (76%) Australians want speeds of 1Gbps or more, with two in three people (66% ) claiming it would have a positive effect on their work and leisure time.

Australia 'tells Solomons to drop cable project' after Huawei gets deal
Australia is reportedly putting pressure on the Solomon Islands to withdraw from the Project Honiara undersea cable project after the contract was awarded to Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Full-fibre NBN will cost about as much as FttDP: experts
Switching the national broadband network to using fibre-to-the-distribution-point technology is an interim solution; the correct solution, which will cost about the same, is to go full fibre.

Optus says it will spend $1b on regional mobile services

Fifield predicts 5G revolution for Australia, ignores NBN

NBN Co and Adtran sign FttC broadband equipment and services deal
NBN Co has inked a deal with US-based networking equipment provider Adtran, in a supply agreement for software, hardware and services, to support the FttC (fibre to the curb) component of the NBN rollout.

Networking expert explains why NBN Co stuck in slow lane


Australian laws aim to force decryption to fight crime
Australia has announced that it will promulgate laws to force companies like Google and Facebook to decrypt messages sent by suspected terrorists and other criminals.

Regional wireless ISPs concerned 3.6GHz spectrum for 5G will wipe them out 
The ACMA’s tune-up consultation day for use of 3.6GHz spectrum for 5G sees telcos happy, but satellite operators and specifically regional wireless ISPs are very concerned.