Social Media Manager Role


  • TelSoc's stakeholders include professionals, students, businesses and corporations with an interest in telecommunications and the digital economy.
  • Social media provide excellent vehicles to communicate with various TelSoc stakeholder segments.
  • Social media platforms address different stakeholder sectors.
  • Social media can and should connect intimately with the website providing the means for users to follow the website, for sharing website content, for discussions, and for promoting events and content.
  • TelSoc currently has a presence on Linkedin (Company and Group pages), Facebook, Google+, Twitter and MeetUp.


  • Social Media Manager, TelSoc

Line of responsibility

  • The position reports to the Board of Telecommunications Association Inc, TelSoc.
  • It is expected that the Social Media Manager will be a member of the TelSoc Board.
  • The Social Media Manager will participate on the Website Subcommittee of the board convened by the Website Administrator.

Main responsibilities

  • Contribute to the evolution of the website, social media and communications strategy of TelSoc.
  • Maintain an active presence for TelSoc on the most relevant social media platforms.
  • Ensure that website content authors post to social media and use them to optimum effect.
  • Drive activity back to the website to maximise monetisation opportunities. 
  • Keep under review the best ways to integrate the website and social media platforms.

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