Website Content Manager Role


  • TelSoc's website is its primary communications channel to its stakeholders. 
  • TelSoc's stakeholders include professionals, students, businesses and corporations with an interest in telecommunications and the digital economy.
  • The website publishes events, newsletters, the journal and blogs as well as facilitating payments and records for memberships, subscriptions and events.
  • The website links to TelSoc's presence on social media.
  • The website also supports advertising for business partners and sponsors.


  • Website Content Manager, TelSoc

Line of responsibility

  • The position reports to the Board of Telecommunications Association Inc, TelSoc.
  • It is expected that the Website Content Manager will be a member of the TelSoc Board.
  • The Website Content Manager will be a member of the Website Subcommittee of the board convened by the Website Administrator.

Main responsibilities

  • Contribute to the evolution of the website, social media and communications strategy of TelSoc.
  • Monitor content on the website and ensure that it supports TelSoc's mission and objectives.
  • Maintain up-to-date instructions on creating content.
  • Train authors and editors in creating and editing content.
  • Ensure that all content and newsletters are published most effectively.
  • Undertake the creation of any content which may have security issues in the creation process.
  • Create and publish advertisements for business partners and sponsors.

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