CommsWire - 15 June 2016

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Fifield claims Labor's NBN policy based on 'two great deceits'

The federal government claims Labor's NBN policy for the July 2 election, announced on Monday, is based on "two great deceits".

US Appeals Court upholds ‘net neutrality’ rules

The US ‘DC Circuit’ court has announced it has upheld the FCC’s ‘Open Internet Rules’ in a judgement overnight.

Canberra gets expanded Macquarie Telecom commitment, 50% data centre expansion

Macquarie Telecom says it will expand by 50% the capacity of the Canberra data centre "bunker" which is at the heart of its secure services to the federal government.

Mobile International Remittances: $25 billion-plus by 2018

With this figure rising to ‘4% of total international remittance by value,’ international remittances, including airtime top ups via mobile phones, ‘will exceed $25 billion by 2018, up 67% from an estimated $15 billion in 2015.’

Bluetooth 5 launching on 16 June 2016: doubled range, quadrupled speed

No more is there a ‘v’ or dot point, the latest Bluetooth is simply Bluetooth 5, and it will help with beacons, IoT, location, speed, range and more.

You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours – mobile app collusion


Mobile apps colluding to steal data has become a big issue. It is where two or more apps carry out harmful activity by leveraging inter-app communication capabilities common to mobile operating systems.



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