CommsWire - 14 February 2017

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Carriers, consumers want telco competition laws to stay
A group of telecommunications carriers and consumers has called on federal parliament not to pass amendments that would remove competition protection measures in the Competition and Consumer Act.

Apple Pay: Banks say they only want access to NFC
A group of Australian banks, which applied to the ACCC to jointly talk to Apple about gaining access to Apple Pay and the near field communication (NFC) on iPhones, have modified their demands, stating that they only want open access to the NFC function.

Spark reviving phone boxes as charge points for electric vehicles
New Zealand telco Spark is extending its Spark Plugs electric car initiative with a new partnership with the K?piti Coast District Council in the country?s North Island involving the installation of vehicle chargers to Spark phone boxes around the district.

Epworth Healthcare selects Telstra Health patient management system
Epworth HealthCare is to deploy Telstra Health?s Patient Flow Manager platform to improve efficiency in managing bed occupancy and movement at Epworth Hospital in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

Gigabit connections: MyRepublic says NBN chief is wrong
Internet service provider MyRepublic has dismissed as "bullshit" a statement by NBN Co Chief executive Bill Morrow that Australians do not want super-fast broadband and would not take it up even if it was offered free.

Claims Parliamentary video service outstrips PayTV for audience numbers
Federal Parliament?s new streaming video service has been pulling bigger audiences than some PayTV programs, claims Australian video streaming technology company, SwitchMedia, which developed the new webcasting service.



Gigabit connections: MyRepublic says NBN chief is wrong

Nigel Swinney's picture

Given the rediculous cost to get 100Mbits currently I doubt we could justify 10x that for gigabit but it would be good to have if they priced it right