ACMA to introduce new rules for handling NBN complaints
New rules to handle complaints about the NBN will take effect from June this year, telecommunications regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority has announced.

This is the final edition of CommsWire for 2017. We will return on 15 January 2018. We wish you a Merry  Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Tim Herring and the TelSoc Board

Data use in Australia explodes by 43% in past year: ACMA

Government launches ?world first? satellite positioning trial
The Australian Government has launched a GeoScience-led trial of what is claimed as ?world-first? satellite positioning technology.

Australian Greens says 'yes' to NBN Co debt relief
The Australian Greens says the NBN should prioritise the provision of an essential service ahead of cost recovery and intends to investigate the legislative options for a write-down of NBN Co's debt.

Telstra to hang up on third party billing: 3 December 2017
A senior Telstra official has confirmed that Australia?s largest carrier will cease ?third party billing? on its post-paid accounts by early December this year.

NBN: Making telcos buy more of little use, say experts

ACMA inquiry likely to be a waste of time
COMMENT: Will the inquiry that the Australian Communications and Media Authority has been asked to carry out into the malfunctioning NBN end up doing any good?

Flying Doctor chief: NBN to bring 78% cost reduction

Review recommends redefining ACMA role, sector-wide reforms still to come


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