Basslink says new report supports its claim on cable failure

Basslink refers Hydro Tasmania dispute to arbitration

Flow-on cost to consumers from new telecoms rules: CA

Gold Coast gets Telstra ?world first? 5G Wi-Fi precinct
Telstra is claiming a world-first with the switching on of a precinct of 5G-enabled WiFi hotspots on Australia?s Gold Coast, allowing locals free broadband during evaluation of the technology.

NBN Co opens lab to train workers for network field tasks
NBN Co will provide training and assessments for more than 2000 in-field workers on how to deploy, activate and maintain the network, using simulation as a teaching tool.

Basslink to Tas Govt: outage an Act of God so pay up

Basslink cable fault finally pinpointed; Lightning Broadband promises faster, cheaper broadband without the NBN; BlackBerry: soon to exit smartphones or analyst mischief?; Ezako has a go, helping telcos tackle e-commerce triumphantly; Windows 10 Mobile now in store at Telstra; Visy - first to extend remote site backup to Microsoft Azure using SteelFusion; FBI gains access to iPhone data, ends Apple stoush.

Planned wireless network in Philippines: no more; Samsung warns of tough times ahead; Basslink repairs put Taswegians off side ? many back to dial up speeds; NEC Australia and Microsoft form Azure IoT alliance; If you view porn don?t do it on Android ? and don?t do it in Australia

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