Budget R&D tax incentive cut disappoints satellite and other sectors
The Federal Government has cut another $1.35 billion from its research and development tax incentive over the forward estimates, according to the Budget papers.

Basslink says new report supports its claim on cable failure

House NBN panel asks Govt to change regional broadband levy

NBN Co continues to rack up losses with broadband rollout
Losses continue to mount in the rollout of Australia’s national broadband network, with an after tax loss of $4780 million for the 2018 financial year, still two years out from scheduled completion in 2020.

NBN Co unveils new pricing structure with discounted wholesale costs

Networking team to deliver live satellite streaming for solar race
Newtec, Network Innovations, VRT Sandbox and Pacific Live Media have teamed to deliver live satellite streaming globally for Australia's Solar Car World Challenge.

ACCAN pressures Optus to ban 3rd party charges
Telecommunications consumer interest group ACCAN is pressuring Optus to follow Telstra and Vodafone and ban third party mobile subscriptions.

ECONOMUSE: Price rebalancing to make the NBN affordable

ECONOMUSE: The blame game - cutting the gordian knot
Vodafone Hutchison Australia?s solution does not cut it.

Revised telco industry codes to speed up broadband connections: ACMA
The telecommunications industry code that addresses a number of the sources of customer dissatisfaction with phone connection delays has been revised to now cover broadband services, including the NBN.


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