Vodafone chief asks US to share evidence about Huawei

Smartphone shipments had worst ever year in 2018

NBN users told to check if they are entitled to refunds

Optus says renewal of USO deal ignores reality

Ericsson report says 5G will cover 40% of population by 2024
Swedish telecommunications multinational Ericsson says it expects about 40% of the world's population to be covered by 5G by 2024, with 2019 being the year that the technology takes off.

S&P says 5G no magic bullet to solve telcos' NBN issues

Govt to amend copyright act to block infringing sites

NBN Co says transit network capacity doubled
National broadband provider NBN Co says it has doubled the maximum capacity on its transit network from 9.6Tbps to 19.2Tbps per fibre link.

Vodafone strikes back against MVNOs, telcos, in prepaid race

Huawei, ZTE to be excluded from Australia’s 5G network
Chinese telecommunications equipment providers Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corporation have both been blocked from participating in the rollout of 5G networks in Australia.


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