NBN Pricing

Telstra profits drop by 28% as NBN continues to bite
Telstra has revealed a fall of 27.4% in its net profit after tax and a drop of 4.1% in its reported income for the first half of fiscal year 2019. The company has also further slashed its dividend.

Nearly a quarter of NBN users on slowest speeds

US lobbying allies to stop using Huawei equipment

Broadband provider sees NBN Co move pushing up prices
The NBN Co has issued a blog post warning that congestion on the broadband network may "fluctuate" as it forces providers to choose between the original pricing and the new "bundled" pricing system.

RSPs tread with care as ACMA NBN rules now in place

NBN Co forced to back down on charging rural users more

NBN Co's quest for more ARPU is ill-fated: network expert

Telco complaints still on the increase: report

ACCC scrutinising NBN service standards in light of increasing complaints

NBN Co unveils new pricing structure with discounted wholesale costs


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