Telstra 5G

Telstra launches Australia’s first 5G mobile hotspot
The HTC 5G Hub can be ordered today, delivering 5G speeds in active areas, and working as a 4GX modem elsewhere, with Telstra saying it isn't just Australia's first 5G/4GX media hotspot, but the world's, too.

ACMA to issue revised rules for international mobile roaming

Telstra moves quickly with launch of first Melbourne, Sydney 5G sites
Telstra has moved quickly to launch its first 5G Melbourne and Sydney sites after being given early access to the 3.6 GHz spectrum it won at auction last week.

Penn says Telstra set to lead in 5G capabilities

Telstra makes first 'end-to-end' 5G data call on 3.5Ghz spectrum

Telstra to cut 8000 employees, contractors by 2022

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