Submarine Battery Technologies

The Current State of the Art and Future Trends

Collins Class SubmarineCollins Class Submarine
PMB Defence has manufactured all batteries for the COLLINS class submarine over its service history. The battery forms a critical subsystem of the submarine, and is subject to a surprising range of functional and performance requirements. Recent improvements in battery technology introduce options for the use of Lithium and other chemistries for the submarine battery, with the promise of significantly improved energy density and more consistent performance of the battery across its state of charge range. This presentation will provide a summary of the state of the art in Lead Acid battery design for submarines, and then present the work being undertaken by PMB Defence in the engineering of a Submarine Battery based on Lithium chemistry. With system safety forming a key aspect of any subsystem introduced to a submarine, this talk will illustrate the challenges presented by such a "safety driven" engineering program.


Phil Prosser, Principal Engineer, PMB Defence Engineering

Phil Prosser graduated from the University of Adelaide with an Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1991. He has hands on design experience in electronics, RF, systems engineering and signal processing work and spent a decade managing multi discipline teams in the delivery of Electronic Warfare systems to the ADF. Over the last five years, Phil has been heavily involved in capability development for a range of companies. At present his focus with PMB Defence is the development of next generation Energy Storage systems for submarines.

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Tue, 21 May 2013 - 06:15pm to 07:30pm AEST


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