This presentation covers an approach to analysing enterprise information, policies, processes and technology to determine a clear current-state view of how effective the information management is, defining a future state based on business objectives and potential savings, and a strategy on how to get to that state.

Information Lifecycle Governance, ILG

Today there are more mobile phones then there are people.

enterprise, mobility, SAP, Fujitsu, M2M

Paul Budde gave a stimulating presentation on the international trends in broadband access and applications. His key points included:

Paul Budde 2013

This presentation assumes that an ACS audience is familiar with the various forms of cloud computing and so, while it will briefly address what cloud computing is and why it is so important, its ma

Cloud computing

A panel of experts chaired by Professor Rod Tucker on the Internet of Things. According to 2014 IDC estimates, there are already more than 50 billion globally connected sensors that can track, monitor and feed data to computerised systems. IDC foreshadows that by 2020 there will be more than 200 billion sensors generating an estimated 10% of data in what will be a 44 Zettabyte (1021) digital universe.

internet of things, big data, smart cities, digital universe

This presentation provides an example of how the Cloud can be utilised to quickly establish an international business with inherent cost and performance advantages. It also explains why delivery of web content via the Cloud will become a mainstream way of conducting business for industries ranging from Banking to Television and beyond.

Cloud computing, content delivery

John Goddard will present a timely review of the past, present and future HFC CATV technology directions, the global opportunities for Multi Service Operators (MSO) and relevance of HFC to Australia's NBN.

HFC Hybrid Fibre Coaxial cable networks

Early adopters have found the general case for cloud computing is clear; it's better, faster, less risky and less costly than doing it in house.

Cloud computing

Which Victorian scientist/engineer invented a form of television before John Logie Baird was born? And why have you never heard of him? He also invented sixteen different telephones which he installed around Ballarat before the GPO started and which were much admired by Alexander Graham Bell personally. Listen to the fascinating tale and why it is relevant to innovation today from our inaugural Henry Sutton orator:
Robyn Williams of the ABC Science Show.

Henry Sutton, Innovation, inventors, History

The Privacy Act of 1988 was amended in 2012 introducing significant changes and requiring compliance by March 2014. As a consequence of these changes the Privacy Commissioner has increased enforcement powers with penalties up to $1.7M for serious breaches.



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