Institution subscriptions

Institutions may subscribe to the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy (ajTDE) for an annual payment of $400. This will provide access to authorised members of the institution to all Premium content in the Journal.

Period of subscription

  • One calendar year from 1 January to 31 December.
  • New subscriptions after 30 September will be extended at no extra charge to the end of the following calendar year.


  • Access to Premium content for a single user identified with the institution's subscription.
  • Access to Premium content for users on the institution's subscribed IP address ranges.

Comparison with individual paid membership

Permissions Individual membership Institutional subscription
Voting Voting rights No voting rights
Comment on content Permitted Not permitted
Attendance at TelSoc events Free or discounted Non-member rates
Contact other members Contact via the website No contact via the website

How to subscribe

  • An individual from the institution needs to be identified with the institution's subscription and have a membership account.
  • Payment for the institutional subscription needs to be made via that individual's membership account.
  • This payment may be made by credit card, PayPal account, direct debit or cheque.
  • Once payment has been made the individual will receive confirming emails and have access as described above when logged in by username and password.
  • An invoice will be generated during this process. It will be stored against the individual's account and may be downloaded at anytime as a PDF document.
  • The individual may also register IP address ranges for the institution. This can be initiated by contacting the website administrator.
  • A new account in the name of the institution will be created for users accessing the site from IP addresses within the given ranges.
  • Any user who visits the site from within those IP address ranges during the subscription period will be automatically logged in.
  • Individuals within the organisation may also take out individual memberships and receive all of the associated privileges.
  • Individual members may log out and log in again using their username and password when accessing the site from within the subscribed IP address ranges.

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