Call for papers AJTDE 2017-03

You are invited to submit a paper or papers for the February 2017 issue of the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy.

For this issue papers are sought on several themes:

1. International telecommunications legislation and regulations. Provide a review of an individual nation or a regional block, e.g. European Union. The paper should provide a review of:

  • what legislation and regulation exists
  • Is there a government communications department
  • Is the major telco wholely, partially or not government owned
  • Is there an independent or government telecommunications regulator
  • Is there an independent telecommunications ombudsman
  • Is there an independent competition regulator
  • Is there an independent consumer protection organisation
  • Is there a universal service obligation
  • Is there a national infrastructure ugrade occurring to gigabit technology?
  • How has the telecommunications market evolved over the past 40 years
  • Is the market open and competitive or what is it like?
  • Is the telecommunications market self-regulating?
  • How many telcos are there and are they split between fixed, wireless (mobile cellular) and satellite or do they provide two or more of these technologies

2. International Mobile Cellular Regulation and Competition. Provide a review of an individual nation or a regional block, e.g. European Union. The paper should provide a review of:

  • What legislation and regulation exists
  • Is the mobile cellular market deregulated?
  • How many mobile network operators (MNO) are there?
  • How many virtual mobile network operators (VMNO) are there?
  • What is the market share of MNOs?
  • What is the market share of VMNOs?
  • Is there domestic mobile roaming?
  • Is domestic mobile roaming declared?
  • Is there international mobile roaming?
  • Is international mobile roaming declared?
  • Are consumers happy with the market, pricing, roaming?
  • How are mobile network spectrum allocations made?
  • If there is a spectrum auction how does it work?
  • Is spectrum distributed evenly or is it unbalanced - identify what the MNOs have.
  • Is there adequate competition in the mobile cellular market?

3. Information and computing especially Big Data is a focus of business and industry in an effort to derive new markets and improve relationships with existing customers.

4. Computer networking is a focus for the emerging explosion of devices being connected to the network in what is called the Internet of Things.

The AJTDE is Australia's leading telecommunications journal and has been in continuous publication since 1935 (originally called the Telecommunications Journal of Australia).

Papers may be submitted on any topic relevant to telecommunications and the digital economy but the themes indicated below will be the major focus of the issue.

For enquiries and submissions contact the editor.

Publication date: 

March 2017


1 March 2017


ThemeTheme editorAffiliation
Information and ComputingShui YuDeakin
Computer NetworkingLongxiang GaoDeakin University
International Telecommunication Legislation and RegulationMark GregoryRMIT University
International?Mobile?Cellular?Regulation and CompetitionMark GregoryRMIT University