Journal archive

TJA (Telecommunications Journal of Australia)

TJA was published in printed form from June 1935 to May 2007. TJA changed from a printed publication to an online journal (only) in December 2007, and then continued on a quarterly basis (occasionally with a bonus fifth issue) each calendar year until its final issue on June 2013. From 2017 to 2010 TJA was published online by Monash University Publishing, and from 2011 to 2013 by Swinburne University, on behalf of TelSoc's predecessor, the Telecommunications Society of Australia (TSA). 

The Journal reappeared as the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy from September 2013 to the present, published by TelSoc.

A collection of scanned pdfs of TJA's issues from 1935 to 1987 can be found on Rick Coxhill's's website here.