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Fibre is commonly perceived to be the dominant transport mechanism for transferring data from access points back to a central office, where it is aggregated onto the core network. However, high speed and long range wireless backhaul remains a cost-effective alternative to fibre networks. In this article, the world?s first 5Gbps radio solution ? and the fastest commercial backhaul product ? developed by EM Solutions Pty Ltd with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) ? is described. As well as achieving a state-of-the-art data rate, other key design features include maximal path length, minimal latency, and constant antenna pointing under wind and tower vibration.

This paper recommends that the Australian Government?s commitment to a Mobile Black Spot co-investment programme should commence with a comprehensive study of backhaul and base station technology options. The most cost effective approaches include the coordinated provisioning of modern satellite and terrestrial backhaul systems, and the implementation of small cell base station types.

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