Peter Rossi, CTO Huawei Australia, will speak on: Evolution direction of digital society; Major trends we see in the digital society evolution and the driving force behind these trends; and Challenges we are facing, and more importantly, the measures to address these challenges.

Future, Challenges, Strategy, Huawei

Warren Lemmens will introduce a set of key principles supporting the operational market structure and processes for this future environment, together with the key multi-party relationships and interdependencies to ensure Australian telecommunications services sector can maximise its ability to grow and capitalise on the strategic and economic potential of the digital economy.

Digital Services, Future, Digital Economy

Telstra is rebuilding its networks with virtualisation, orchestration and automation to deliver highly scalable product solutions.  Crispin Blackall's presentation will describe the associated network transition and how microservices will drive speed and agility in how we build new products and services.

Microservices, Future, Network Functions Virtualisation NFV, New Products
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