History of Australian telecommunications

Links to scanned printed issues of TJA (Telecommunications Journal of Australia) - June 1935 to May 2007 – and its online issues December 2017 to June 2013.


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This page provides links (where available) to the history of important institutions within the Australian telecommunicatiosn industry.

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A seemingly dry, technical paper from 1937 in the Telecommunications Journal of Australia offers much broader interest following the popularity of the 2010 film ‘The King’s Speech’.

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A list of links is provided to the online obituaries of prominent former members of the Australian telecommunications industry

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Two papers from the Telecommunications Journal of Australia in 1956 and 1960 respectively. The first provides an overview of public telephone cabinets in Australia and the second describes the state of the art, aluminium public telephone cabinet.

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A 1945 technical paper from the Telecommunications Journal of Australia is revisited that describes the timing and signalling equipment used at the Melbourne Observatory between 1853 and 1945. The equipment was used to provide the Victorian Time Signal Service for over ninety years.

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This obituary of Jack Curtis (1920-2013) describes his outstanding career in Australian telecommunications, including his historic and challenging role as founding Managing Director of Telecom Australia from 1975 to 1981.

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The back story to the implementation of Australia's first modern telecommunication link in 1854 is provided, together with a brief outline of the evolution of the telecommunications industry and its learned society over the subsequent 160 years.

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The first critique to be published of the Coalition's  NBN policy, within 18 hours of its launch on 9 April 2010, identifies weaknesses in that policy which remain valid today. Written by Peter Gerrand, it appeared in The Conversation on 10 April 2013.


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This is the text of Mike Quigley's talk on receiving TelSoc's 2013 Charles Todd Medal at a special function in Sydney on 2 December 2013, hosted by Telstra. It provides his reflections on what NBN Co achieved in in the first four years of NBN Co (2009-13), the challenges that the company faced, and how it overcame them.

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