Software Defined Networks SDN

Emerging technologies continue to disrupt the traditional architectures within the access, aggregation and service edge network domains.

Edge Networks, Access Networks, Software Defined Networks SDN, Network Functions Virtualisation NFV

In this paper, we introduce SCOR (Software-defined Constrained Optimal Routing), a new Software Defined Networking (SDN) Northbound Interface for QoS routing and traffic engineering.

constraint programming, Software Defined Networks SDN, Northbound Interface, Quality of Service Routing, MiniZinc

Blue planet is a software defined networking environment designed to facilitate this network transformation and automation. This presentation will outline the Blue Planet platform from a technology stand-point, and will examine its unique composition and paradigm of adoption of opensource technologies and open principles as have been proven in the web domain but which are relatively unknown in the Telco sector.

Software Defined Networks SDN

Dr Karina Gomez Chavez will be presenting about how an RMIT course is teaching students about Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies using the Zodiac board from Northbound Pty Ltd.

SDN, Software Defined Networks SDN

A presentation and demonstration about the RMIT SDN testbed and how it connects to the rest of the national SDN testbed. This is also a general invitation for people or companies that have SDN projects to get involved and work with RMIT and other Universities.

Software Defined Networks SDN
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