The TelSoc Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 26th November. It will take place between 11:45 and 1:45pm at the Telstra Experience Centre at 242 Exhibition St Melbourne, plus Financial Members not present will be able to join online via Zoom. Full details are given below.

I am pleased to say we have an interesting speaker:

Todd Essery, Telstra Labs
AGM Online Zoom Meeting


Tue, 26 Nov 2019 - 11:45am AEDT


Melbourne, VIC

The back story to the implementation of Australia's first modern telecommunication link in 1854 is provided, together with a brief outline of the evolution of the telecommunications industry and its learned society over the subsequent 160 years.

Two new members of the Editorial Board; TelSoc's first year; and Australia's hunger for networked data.

History of TelSoc

The Telecommunications Association Inc. (TelSoc) and its immediate predecessor, the Telecommunications Society of Australia, has served the Australian telecommunications industry as its learned society since its initial formation as the Telegraph Electrical Society in 1874, in response to enthusiasm for the then new engineering science of electrical telegraphy.


History of telecommunications and the evolution and role of TelSoc and its predecessors.

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TelSoc Vision

Telecommunications plays an increasingly central and critical role in the fabric of our modern digital society.

TelSoc exists to maximise the effectiveness of telecommunications in Australia.





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