CommsWire - 27 September 2016

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NBN Co over ?does it? with new stats and double entendres
Someone at NBN Co is very excited about the latest stats, facts and figures thanks to NBN Co?s new ?detailed and extensive nbn Broadband Index? study. But is there really anything to get excited about?

Vodafone goes down on weekend, responds with data giveaway
An undisclosed number of Vodafone users were without mobile services last Sunday, allegedly due to a ?router? issue. Vodafone has responded by giving customers a bonus 2GB of data.

Juniper ?bennie-fits? from new AN/Z Sales Director
Juniper Networks has appointed Bruce Bennie to the role of A/NZ Sales Director. He brings more than 33 years experience to the role.

Uber and TripGo partner so more Aussies can access public transport
Uber and TripGo have partnered "to help complement and extend the reach of public transport networks across seven Australian cities?using an innovative mobile app.

DDoS attacks ? you may be helping to pay for them
Up to one million IoT devices were used to generate the world?s largest DDoS attack on the Brian Krebs on Security website. IoT is now the preferred botnet delivery vector for cyber criminals and hackers.

Yahoo! confirms leak of 500m user details
A massive data leak from Yahoo! of account details of about 500 million users took place two years ago, according to the company.