CommsWire - 28 September 2016

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Telcos want changes to proposed tax reforms for satellite services
Communications Alliance, has recommended the need for further adjustment to proposed reforms to taxation arrangements for satellite services in Australia to better support commercial, regulatory and national interests.

Optus: path to digital transformation strewn with obstacles
Digital transformation means different things but in essence, it is taking current and future business activities and processes and digitalising them to serve customers better. A new benchmark report commissioned by Optus might make it a little easier to understand.

NBN Co marks one year of FTTN rollout with 745,000 premises connected
Just a few hours after releasing its Broadband Index, NBN Co has reported that nearly three quarters of a million Australian premises can now sign up for an Fibre-to-the Node service one year after it commercially launched its much maligned FTTN.

ACMA offers tips for consumers on mobile network outages
ACMA notes that, despite taking mobile connectivity for granted, when we?re not connected, ?it can have serious impacts on both our personal and business lives.?

Sun, surf and free Wi-Fi for Bondi with Skyfii, Waverley council deal
Sydney's famous Bondi Beach and the Bondi area is to have free Wi-Fi with Waverley Council deploying guest Wi-Fi provided by Wi-Fi and data analytics services company Skyfii.