CommsWire - 4 October 2016

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AFL grand final fans hit Telstra mobile network with massive traffic boost
Fans at Saturday?s AFL grand final generated a massive 2.3 terabytes of traffic on the Telstra mobile network using their mobile phones and other devices to stream video, browse the Internet, upload photos to social media and receive and make telephone calls.

Mobile to dominate US$520 billion money transfer market
There has been a significant upsurge in international remittance activity in the past two years with a number of cross-border mobile remittance services now being deployed, according to analyst firm Juniper Research.

Ziggy gets another three years as NBN Co chairman
Dr Ziggy Switkowski has been reappointed as chairman of NBN Co and a non-executive director of the board for three more years.

Scammers target Telstra customers
Scammers are targeting Telstra customers and attempting to obtain their usernames and passwords by using an email that claims the company was unable to process the customer's last bill.

Emerson back-up system helps protect data in SA power blackout
When the lights went out in South Australia and the entire state was hit by power outages, energy infrastructure provider Emerson Network Power required a rapid response to calls for assistance from customers for the protection of crucial information stored in data centres under its management.

Goodbye! Vodafone turns off 2G GSM in 2017
Telstra dumps 2G by end 2016, Optus in April 2017 and now Vodafone will follow suit turning off 2G GSM on 30 September 2017.