CommsWire - 11 October 2016

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Most Aussies hardly use their landline and cost trumps speed
Research released today by broadband experts iSelect reveals that just 16% of households use their landline on a daily basis, 34% say they never use a landline and cost is more important than speed.

Dubber secures Simetric agreement on mobile recording solution
ASX-listed cloud call recording platform provider Dubber has inked an agreement with Simetric Telecom to enable deployment of a mobile call recording solution to both Simetric customers and as part of its wholesale mobile platform provided to telco service providers in the UK.

UK and Australia Govts banning Apple Watch from Cabinet meetings: hacking fears
The Russians are being blamed for ?hacking everything,? which is why, in the UK at least, the Apple Watch is being banned from Gov?t cabinet meetings.

Big Switch ? like name, like nature
SDN is a disruptor to traditional networking as it has ?abstracted? software (it decouples what the hardware has to do) from the hardware (switches, etc). Big Switch is a leader in SDN and we interview the boss about where the market is headed.

Samsung should cut its losses and take Note7 off the market
As more and more reports keep coming in of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7s, it is clear that even the replacement phones have not fixed the issue which has dogged this so-called flagship device.

Most phones lack protection: survey
We're attached to our phones, but we don't take the best care of the data they contain according to a new report of mobile user attitudes.

Verizon bid to get Yahoo! price lowered: report
Verizon is trying to get the price it pays for Yahoo! lowered by US$1 billion following the string of bad news that the latter has been hit with in recent weeks.