CommsWire - 12 October 2016

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Telstra chairman slams Vodafone over mobile roaming support
Telstra has accused Vodafone of trying to get a "free Christmas present" on its network by supporting the ACCC's domestic mobile roaming proposal.

Early and continuing engagement for NBN employees with Workplace by Facebook
The National Broadband Network claims it was Australia?s first large corporate to sign up, six months ago, to Workplace by Facebook when it was in beta, but which has now just been fully launched by the social media giant, and which NBN says is now being embraced by its employees.

Rising tide of public, industry concerns over MTM, says IA chief
The CEO of Internet Australia, Laurie Patton, says there are increasing signs that industry and the community have begun to question the Government?s copper-based multi-technology mix (MTM) model for the National Broadband Network (NBN) and that IA will continue efforts to have the government abandon it in favour of a return to fibre.

Samsung ends production of Galaxy Note7
Samsung has announced it is ending production of the Galaxy Note7 worldwide, deciding to do so after numerous devices exploded.

Fusion Broadband speeds private WAN rollouts
A new service from Fusion Broadband makes building private WANs quicker and cheaper.

Yahoo! making it tough for users to leave: report
Yahoo! appears to have put an obstacle in the path of users who want to quit its services in the wake of news of a massive leak of user data and reports that it spied on users at the behest of an US intelligence agency.