CommsWire - 10 February 2017

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Losses blow out to $1.83 billion on NBN rollout
NBN Co has reported a massive loss blowout of $1.83 billion for the first half of 2016, a whopping increase of 47% over the corresponding half of the previous year.

NBN Co cops a whacking from Fiber Corp officials
Two officials of the Sydney-based Fiber Corp have put the boot into NBN Co following the announcement of the latter company's second-quarter results today.

?Last nail in coffin? for NBN and FttN rollout: Patton
Outgoing Internet Australia chief executive Laurie Patton says the latest report on the National Broadband Network, showing losses of $1.8 billion, heralds the ?last nail in the coffin? for the beleaguered FttN rollout using Telstra?s ageing copper network.

Optus profits in Q3 show downward trend
Optus has seen its net profits fall in the third quarter of the 2017 fiscal year compared to the corresponding quarter for the previous fiscal year, with the figure down to $188 million from $227 million, a drop of 17.3%.

New undersea cable to deliver ?highest capacity? Internet between US and Australia
Surveying of the seafloor between the Sydney beach-side suburb of Clovelly to Los Angeles is about to get underway in preparation for laying of the US350 million Southern Cross NEXT undersea cable.

Senate probe into Centrelink automated debt recovery
The activist group GetUp has welcomed the decision to set up a Senate inquiry into the government's attempt to reclaim money from welfare recipients.