CommsWire - 13 February 2017

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Confusion over broadband speeds rife among consumers
Australian consumers believe they are getting a raw deal from their Internet service providers over the speed of their broadband services, with most of them believing they aren?t getting what they signed up to, and paid for.

Australia's NBN has become a national shame
When will Australia's chances of getting a decent broadband ? as opposed to fraudband ? network improve? When the government's neoliberal thinking that every public project must yield a profit from day one is set aside.

Netcomm score $28m Fibre-to-the-Curb NBN deal
Wireless broadband equipment maker NetComm Wireless Limited has announced its first order from NBN Co with a $28 million deal to provide DPUs for the fibre to the curb component of the NBN rollout.

NEC secures 3-year contract with Telco Authority in NSW
NEC has been awarded a three-year contract to deliver wireless backhaul technology, professional services, network management systems and ongoing support to New South Wales Government essential services agencies.

Start-ups accepted into latest muru-D cohort
Telstra?s start-up accelerator programme muru-D has accepted new start-ups into its fourth Sydney cohort, including Nano satellites that monitor crop health, cameras that map the underground world and medical sensors that help patients spend less time in hospital.

Illegal streamers? dodge Foxtel legal action over live fight ?piracy?
Foxtel has chosen not to take legal action against two men who illegally streamed the Danny Green v Anthony Mundine fight live on Facebook on Saturday February 3, choosing instead to give the men a rap over the knuckles and force publication of a formal apology