CommsWire - 16 February 2017

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Morrow admits NBN can?t deliver affordable superfast broadband
NBN Co chief Bill Morrow has admitted that the National Broadband Network cannot deliver an affordably priced superfast broadband product to Australians. However, he claims we don't need it anyway and wouldn't use it even if it was free.

Spirit casts doubts on Morrow?s fast Internet claims
Broadband provider Spirit Telecom has countered the claims made by the NBN Co chief Bill Morrow that Australians are not interested in taking up fast Internet connections.

Somebody forgot to tell pollies that NBN is pro-business
There is a notion in the minds of many who are in positions of power in this country that the Internet is a distraction, not something to be taken seriously. This is despite the fact that the very sign of network outage tends to get the blood pressure rising in boardrooms.

Qantas passengers to get free mobile Wi-Fi this month
Qantas customers on Wi-Fi enabled domestic flights will be able to access Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify for free through their mobile devices starting in late February the airline has announced.

Telstra boosts store network with SMB specialists
Telstra is increasing staff in its national store network with 1,000 trained small business specialists as part of an initiative it says is designed to help small businesses boost growth and productivity through the use of technology.

Spark-Ericsson deal on next-generation voice network
New Zealand telco Spark has selected global communications giant Ericsson to help deliver its next-generation, fully digital voice network technology.