CommsWire - 10 March 2017

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Australia 51st globally for mobile and fixed internet speed
Australia now leads the Asia-Pacific region for average mobile internet speeds at 13.8Mbps. But it has a way to go with an average of 10.1Mbps for fixed broadband.

Akamai report reinforces need for NBN completion says NBN Co
NBN Co says the latest Akamai State of the Internet connectivity report demonstrates the need to complete the rollout of the NBN network as soon as possible.

Cisco exec outline 'six imperatives' for IT in keynote
Cisco executive president for worldwide sales and field operations Chris Dedicoat told an audience of thousands that there are "six imperatives" for organisations.

Spark NZ confirms $22.7 million TeamTalk takeover offer
New Zealand?s largest telco Spark has confirmed its takeover offer of network company TeamTalk for NZ$22.7 million with a formal offer to shareholders of 0.80 cents per share.

Nokia extends NZ managed services contract with Chorus
Nokia has inked a renewal of its managed services agreement with Chorus, New Zealand's largest telecommunications infrastructure company, for another three years.

Publishers say Google pushing them out of Android market
A group of publishers, including Axel Springer and Getty Images, has lodged a complaint with the European Union against Google, accusing it of imposing restrictions on manufacturers of Android devices and wireless service providers.