CommsWire - 17 March 2017

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Regional mobile coverage improving as blackspots steadily disappear
Mobile blackspots in rural and regional Australia are steadily being eliminated as Telstra, activates new mobile base stations in remote areas.

Spark on the way to 4.5G mobile as NZ hits 4G 90% coverage target
New Zealand’s 4G mobile network now reaches residents living and working in 90% of the country, with the nation’s largest telco Spark hailing the milestone as the first step towards the next evolution of mobile technology – 4.5G.

SpeedCast reconnecting Christmas Island
Christmas Island's local ISP stopped providing services at the beginning of this month, but SpeedCast International has stepped in to fill the gap until NBN services are more widely deployed on the island.

Android, iOS rampant as Windows phone sinks: Kantar
The world is being split into two camps, one that uses iOS and the other Android, according to the latest Monthly Mobile Operating System Barometer report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Massive Dun & Bradstreet database leaked online
More than 33 million records from a corporate database belonging to business services company and debt collector Dun & Bradstreet have been leaked online.

Study forecasts big revenue rise from streamed games
A rise in the consumption of eSports and streamed games has been predicted to lead to US$3.5 billion in revenue by 2021, a big rise from a figure of US$1.8 billion in 2017.