CommsWire - 20 March 2017

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Regional comms coalition to confront Canberra pollies head-on
A coalition of 17 organisations from across Australia is descending on Canberra today with a blunt message for all politicians: 2017 must be the year of bringing “reliable and affordable telecommunications” to rural, regional and remote Australia.

Telstra’s muru-D helps farmers with new data collection app
Telstra-backed startup accelerator muru-D is building a software platform aimed at transforming livestock production through an easy-to-use data collection app that collects on-farm data to make a farm more efficient, profitable and compliant.  

Fleet Management upgrades maritime comms with Inmarsat solution
Hong Kong-based global shipping management company Fleet Management is upgrading its 400-strong fleet of  ships to satellite communications provider Inmarsat’s maritime connectivity solution Fleet Xpress.

Uber self-driving project stuck in reverse gear
Uber's self-driving cars appear to be going backwards in terms of how often humans have to take over the wheel, with the distance a car was able to travel before intervention falling from 1.0 mile (1.6 km) in February to 0.8 miles in the seven days up to 8 March.

Google Drive on the blink after Windows app update fails
Google Drive users on Windows were unable to use the service late last week, after the Drive app for the platform crashed following a software update that went wrong.

Maccas' Twitter account hacked, Trump message posted
McDonald's, which has made the move to Twitter recently, has found that there is a downside to the platform, with its feed being hacked on Thursday US time.