CommsWire - 21 March 2017

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NBN Co to throw people at Sky Muster problems
In an effort to fix its bug plagued Sky Muster satellite Internet service, national broadband wholesaler NBN Co has gone on a hiring spree to round up the best high-end engineering and solutions development talent it can find.

?NBN Co's proxy PR' slammed for pushing Libs' NBN
Kenya stands 21st in the world in Internet broadband speeds ? 30 ranks above Australia in the latest Akamai quarterly report. And this is being pointed to by advocates of a largely fibre set-up at home as one more indicator that something needs to be done urgently to fix the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

Cut-price NBN evangelists need to get in touch with reality
Penny-wise and pound-foolish. That is the most civilised form of criticism that one can level against people who are trying desperately to carry a can for the Coalition and back an NBN build that is yesterday's vintage.

Huawei Australia appoints Meng as new CEO
Huawei Australia has announced Meng Xiaojie (Aragon) will join the company as its new chief executive.

Qantas welcomes Stan onboard and launches Avro
Qantas yesterday announced streaming media service Stan's full catalogue will be available on its flights, and for 90 days after. The national airline carrier also launched a new a new start-up accelerator.

Monetising OTT a challenge for industry
Monetising video content while providing audiences the perfect viewing experience is the biggest technical challenge for the OTT streaming industry, according to a newly released global report.