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Revised telco industry codes to speed up broadband connections: ACMA
The telecommunications industry code that addresses a number of the sources of customer dissatisfaction with phone connection delays has been revised to now cover broadband services, including the NBN.

$2m govt funding kicks off Cohda ?on road? autonomous vehicle testing
South Australia's global connected car technology company, Cohda Wireless, has received $2 million in funding from the South Australian Government to test autonomous driving solutions on streets and highways in Adelaide.

Apple looking at using mobile device as laptop
An Apple patent application which was published on Thursday shows the company is contemplating a shell device which can accommodate either an iPhone or iPad and provide a complete device similar to a MacBook.

WikiLeaks claims CIA loading malware on iPhones since 2008
The CIA has been infecting the Apple iPhone supply chain of one of its targets with malware since at least 2008, WikiLeaks claims in a fresh dump of documents. However, Apple says the vulnerability was fixed in 2009.

Chinese millennials trump US counterparts on use of mobile payment tools
Chinese millennials use digital tools to satisfy functional and emotional needs -- food, expenditure, socialising -- more prevalently than their US counterparts, according to a new report.

Dubber appoints telecoms industry veteran Wilks as non-executive director
Call recording service Dubber has appointed 20-year telecommunications industry veteran Stephen Wilks as a non-executive director.