CommsWire - 9 May 2017

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Pre-Budget call on govt to reassess ‘bad debt’ rollout of NBN
Internet Australia has taken up the “good debt bad debt” pre-Budget debate sparked by the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, with IA chair Anne Hurley calling on both the Government and the Opposition to ensure that funding going to the National Broadband Network is good debt.

Labor adopts wait-and-see policy on roaming draft decision
The Australian Labor Party has adopted a wait-and-see policy on the decision by the competition regulator not to declare wholesale mobile roaming and open up telecommunications to greater market competition.

Freeview refreshes, ‘simplifies’ platform
Free catch-up digital television service Freeview Australia is set to launch a major upgrade of its Freeview Plus platform which it says will offer viewers a more simplified user experience and sophisticated look and feel.

Handbrake site compromised, Mac version loaded with trojan
A mirror download server for the open source video transcoder Handbrake has been compromised and the version for Mac users loaded with a remote access trojan.

UK seeks 'real-time' surveillance of populace
The British government is contemplating legislation that would make it mandatory for Internet communications to be provided to agencies within a day after they were conducted.

FBI paid US$900,000 to break into terrorist's iPhone
A Democrat senator in the US has revealed that the FBI paid a private company US$900,000 to break the encryption on an iPhone 5C that had been owned by one of the terrorists involved in an attack in San Bernardino, California, in December 2015.