CommsWire - 12 May 2017

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Morrow upbeat as NBN hits $665 million in revenues
The National Broadband Network brought in total revenues of $665 million for the nine months to the end of March ? up by 142% compared to the third quarter of 2016 ? with the number of residential and business premises now able to order a service reaching 4.6 million across Australia.

NBN-ready? Hold on, there are more hurdles ahead
So your home/business is NBN-ready. You have started receiving flyers from different telcos, all soliciting your business. You have even got a notification from NBN Co giving you a list of ISPs that service your area. If you think you are home and dry, think again.

NBN Co cops flak for 'not admitting issues exist'
The volume of complaints about NBN issues is bound to grow by leaps and bounds before the situation gets better, Macquarie Telecom group executive Luke Clifton says.

Vaya strikes back with 30% off most 12-month plans and 2nd free data SIM
Vaya bills itself as the best-value mobile service provider, and it has just struck back against the latest mobile offerings by re-introducing two of its most popular past promotions.

Will Amazon?s entry into Australia lead to a price war?
New research by Telstra and Neto shows that 35% of Australians will shift their online purchases to Amazon once the e-commerce giant arrives in the country.

Mobile biometrics authentication usage to hit nearly 2 billion: Juniper
The number of mobile payments authenticated by biometrics is expected to triple to nearly two billion globally this year, up from just over 600 million in 2016.