CommsWire - 15 May 2017

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UK researcher unknowingly ends global ransomware attack
The Windows ransomware attacks that occurred over the weekend, putting British patients' lives at risk and paralysing organisations in nearly 100 other countries, has been stopped in its tracks purely by accident.

Telstra NBN customers taken for ride on speed
About 8000 Telstra customers were put on NBN plans which specified higher speeds than could be achieved on their connections, Australia's biggest telecommunications provider has confessed.

Beam develops satellite and LTE Wi-Fi hotspot
Beam Communications, a subsidiary of World Reach, has designed, developed and made what is claimed to be the world's first satellite and LTE Wi-Fi hotspot under an OEM arrangement with Dubai's Thuraya Telecommunications.

OVO launches new 70Gb data-only plan
Mobile provider OVO has launched a new 4G data-only plan, offering 70GB for $79.95 over 30 days.

Ericsson launches dynamic orchestration solution
Ericsson has launched its dynamic orchestration solution designed to facilitate the rapid introduction and closed-loop automation of services across physical and virtual networks.