CommsWire - 16 May 2017

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Telstra to offer services in one integrated intelligent platform
Telstra is offering its Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Virtualisation capabilities, cloud platform and data centres, and global and Australian networks, in one integrated and intelligent platform that provides network-as-a-service.

Northrop Grumman to invest $50 million in new aerospace, defence centre
Global defence industry technology company Northrop Grumman is investing $50 million to develop an advanced defence electronics maintenance and sustainment centre in Western Sydney.

Regional Aussies shifting from newspapers, TV to online for local news
Online sources of news are slowly but surely overtaking traditional media like print newspapers and commercial free-to-air TV as the preferred medium for local news by Australians living in regional areas of the country.

NBN Co washes its hands of responsibility for poor speeds
COMMENT: If the NBN Co is to be believed, then the organisation that has been vested with building and commissioning the national broadband network is not in any way responsible for the terrible speeds that many residents encounter after they switch to the network.

Sensis gives ACCC contract undertaking, agrees to refund customers
Sensis, the marketing services company that publishes the online Yellow Pages and White pages directories, has been rapped over the knuckles by the competition watchdog, the ACCC, and undertaken to refund customers for not fully disclosing contract terms.

Swedish road-hazard system uses cloud processing
Real time processing of big-data can be beneficial in many ways. In this case connected cars can tell other drivers about potential hazardous road conditions.