CommsWire - 11 July 2017

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Fifield faces grilling over NBN users experience
Communications Minister Mitch Fifield faced a grilling during his half-way NBN rollout media conference yesterday, over the negative experiences that some customers have reported. We provide the full transcript including journalist questions and answers.

No CHOICE but to independently test NBN ISP speeds
It’s not just the ACCC that wants volunteers for NBN speed tests, but now consumer advocates CHOICE also want consumers to help ensure NBN providers are delivering the speeds they promise.

Stripe opens way to Chinese consumers through Alipay, Wechat Pay
Online payments provider Stripe has opened up its platform to allow Australian businesses, and businesses worldwide, to accept payments from Chinese consumers that use mobile payments platforms Alipay and WeChat Pay.

ACCAN advises mobile users how to avoid third-party charges
The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network has issued advice to consumers who receive third-party charges on their phone bMobile WiFiill due to their having subscribed to a subscription service.

TP-Link Deco M5, a whole-home mesh networking WI-Fi system
Promising complete Wi-Fi coverage for the home, as well as comprehensive security, the Wi-Fi wars are hotting up with the next generation of wireless connectivity.

Inquiry set up after Medicare card details leak
The Australian Government has set up a review to look into the accessibility of Medicare card numbers by health providers, with former public servant Professor Peter Shergold as its head.